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Change Your Life Challenge: A Career In Panelization
Save time, money and aggravation with this system without compromising design, says Connecticut builder.

Many builders spend their idle moments fantasizing about eliminating the one major hassle in the whole transaction of constructing single-family homes. And no, we're not talking about building or OSHA inspectors.

What is the culprit behind last-minute change orders, miscommunications that can lead to chats with attorneys or wild temper tantrums on the job site? Why clients, of course.

Peter Greenberg, owner of Able Construction (Norwalk, CT), has done what many only dream of - he has removed the main source of hassles in a builder's life by eliminating customers and building only spec homes. Building from five to eight upscale homes annually (usually somewhere in the 4,000 to 6,000 sq.ft. range) that retail for anywhere from $1.5 to $2.5 million, Greenberg focuses on doing what he loves: turning out homes of exceptional quality. Because of a hot local home building market, most homes sell before they are completed.

"Getting out of the business of dealing with customers is a big change. Most of my subs I've been using far years, so they don't need much direction. Working together job after job, many problems have been eliminated. They know where their responsibilities begin and end. Everyone gets along just fine.

"I visit job sites once or twice a day. Working for myself, one gets much more work done. Getting to make all the decisions really speeds along the process. The market here has been very, very good. We've had a great run. It's really a pleasure to just build homes instead of hand-holding clients, shopping for every option and pricing change orders. Instead of having to have clients pick out paint and tile, we make all the decisions. This allows myself and my subs to live sane lives, go home on time, finish projects up quickly."

For building sites, local realtors bring him knockdowns with the understanding they will be handling the sale on the spec home. "They get the commission on both. It's a good system. Banks have been very cooperative and rates have been great."
To eliminate hassles with building materials and framers, Greenberg employs a panel building system from Northern Design & Building (Hudson Falls, NY). The company provides excellent custom designs as well as staged deliveries of its panel packages, arriving when he needs them.

"With their design and engineering services, I don't have to go to the architect, go to the lumber yard and price lumber, compile all the takeoffs. Northern Design does all that for me. Right there that's a huge savings in time, money and aggravation. Using panels helps me maximize my time and energy."

In Greenberg's market, where framing crews dictate to their clients when and where they're willing to work, the labor savings of panelization is a real benefit. "The real advantage is that it's just less hassle, It is one stop shopping."

© Building Systems Magazine; May/June 2004

The Gilbane Building Company
opted for panel technology to meet a fast-paced five month schedule and a challenging design for this 14,000-sq.ft. daycare center. "Northern Design was the key player in getting this job off to a start where the finish date would be achievable," says W. Kevin Unsworth, project executive with Gilbane. "Without your cooperation, technical support, pre-cut floor and rafter systems, and wall panalized system, the scheduled finish date would not have been a reality."

Attention: Mr. Gary Linindoll
Re: Bayer Daycare Facility

Dear Gary;

We would like to express our sincere appreciation for the role your company had in the successful completion of the Bayer Daycare Facility located in Connecticut. town of Orange. This was an especially challenging project considering the 14000 square foot size, 5½ month project duration requirement and lack of design documentation. Your Company was instrumental in working directly with the Architect on finalizing design and expediting critical design information in order to achieve the completion date. It is clear that without your cooperation, technical support. pre-cut floor and rafter systems, and wall panelized system. the scheduled finish date would not have been a reality.

I would like to especially thank your Project Manager, Eric Teras, for his endless attention to detail and countless correspondences with Gilbane Building Company advising us on critical path items, schedule updates, and cost updates as the design evolved. Northern Design was the key player in getting this job off to a start where the finish date would be achievable and a great deal of that credit does go to Eric. Throughout this project Northern Design & Building Associates was truly a "team" player and there was never any question that delivery dates and commitments would not be achieved. In many instances there were last minute changes by the Architect and Northern Design took the steps to implement the changes in order to accommodate the schedule.

It was truly a pleasure working with you and your team and we would welcome the chance again in the future should the opportunity present itself.

Very truly yours,
Gilbane Building Company
Patrick J. Walsh & W. Kevin Unsworth

"I Built My Own Home!"
My name is Becky Graves and my husband & I built our home in Maine with the assistance of Northern Design. They guided us through the design and specification stages, worked with our contractors where needed, and delivered all materials to the site pre-manufactured. Northern gave us confidence every step of the way. Believe me, with Northern, you can do it too.

"Northern Supports My Business"
My name is Steven Nemiroff, I'm a builder/dealer who puts up about 20 units per year from single family and town house units to light commercial projects. I have been dealing with Northern Design for over 5 years. They have been able to streamline the design and construction process for me, so that I can build a quality home with a minimum of headaches.

"Northern Is My Secret Assistant!"
I'm David Lawrence and I have worked with the members of the Northern Design team for over 25 years as an independent building consultant and project manager. Northern assists me in generating leads, client, builder and architect contacts. Also, they provide the design and custom building systems for my clients.

19 October 2007

Dear Kent:

It is my distinct pleasure to write an unsolicited letter of recommendation for Northern Design & Building Associates. My wife Jennifer and I have recently concluded all major work on our Adirondack home in North River, New York, and have experienced truly superior products and services from your company. Everyone at Northern Design & Building Associates demonstrated excellent professionalism and customer service throughout the design and development of our property, and in hindsight we cannot imagine how the experience could have been better for us. Having a builder and design/building supply company that we could trust implicitly was of paramount importance to Jennifer and me, given we were coordinating decisions with Northern Design from many miles away. You made us rest easy and assured. For that, and for all your company has done, we are very grateful.

I would like to make special mention of Brian Thayer's work on our project. His approach to project management and customer relationship management was exemplary and had a very large influence on our original selection of Northern Design, as well as with the high degree of satisfaction and serenity we have had with that decision all throughout the project - and will have for years to come. Thanks Brian!

Thanks so much for helping make our Adirondack dream home a reality. We could not have done it so well without you. Please feel free to use us as a reference to anyone interested in our testimony of your fine company and its products and services.

Best Regards,
Tim K Keyes,
West Redding, Connecticut

Dear Douglas,

I wanted to say we enjoyed working with you during the recent construction of the Broome's home. Your quality work and professionalism produced a beautiful home for our customers. If either Mark Hogan or I can be of assistance for future customers, feel free to call us.

Very Truly Yours,

Bob Wolf
VP Residential Construction Loans
Banknorth Mortgage Company, Inc.


Mary Jo and I, are wildly ecstatic over our house in Long Lake. it is the most beautiful house. We have received many compliments from the local townspeople already. People have stopped by "out of the blue" to admire it and ask questions.

You and your organization, Doug, should be complimented for a very professional job well done. The quality in this home is unsurpassed.

Please feel free to leave the "Northern" sign on the property all summer long. Make a video! Take snapshots! Show the kids! We are delighted.

The inside will be only moderately furnished for a while, until we have another wedding in November, and a college graduation next week. Don't get me wrong. The inside is every bit as beautiful as the outside (just no basement floor).

Thank you again Doug, for your patience and understanding. You are great people to work with. We strongly recommend Northern Design & Building Associates to any prospective customers.


Jerry and Mary Jo Flanagan

Dear Doug,

Since we have now completed my house, I felt compelled to write this unsolicited letter of gratitude to you for all you have done to help me with the project.

I have practiced consulting engineering for over 34 years and my firm has designed, specified and overseen the construction of projects from homes to 21 million dollar water plant expansions, so I have some experience dealing with contractors.

From our first meeting, when you so graciously provided me with information, even though we had no agreement, to the few items on the punch list, I have been completely satisfied with your product, and more importantly with your honesty and integrity.

I have, for this reason, on every occasion trumpeted you and your company to anyone I meet who is looking to build a home, and would be only too happy to discuss this with any of your potential customers.

Finally, I have enclosed a copy of an original add that I have in my office, published in 1922 by the Packard Car Company as it does most certainly apply in your case.

Best of Luck,

Michael J. Morris, P.E.


The man who builds and the man who buys are both beneficiaries of a good reputation. To the one it is a continuous spur and an incentive - to the other the strongest of all guarantees that what he buys is worthy. ~ We sometimes speak of winning a reputation as though that were the final goal. The truth is contrary to this. Reputation is a reward, to be sure, but it is really the beginning, not the end of endeavor. It should not be the signal for a let down, but, rather, a reminder that the standards which won recognition can never again be lowered. From him who gives much - much is forever after expected. ~ Reputation is never completely earned - it is always being earned. It is a reward - but in a much more profound sense it is a continuing responsibility. ~ That which is mediocre may deteriorate and no great harm be done. That which has been accorded a good reputation is forever forbidden to drop below its own best. It must ceaselessly strive for higher standards. If your name means much to your public - you are doubly bound to keep faith. You have formed a habit of high aspiration which you cannot abandon - and out of that habit created a reputation which you dare not disown without drawing down disaster. ~ There is an iron tyranny which compels men who do good work to go on doing good work. The name of that beneficent tyranny is reputation. There is an inflexible law which binds men who build well, to go on building well. The name of that benevolent law is reputation. There is an insurance which infallibly protects those whose reason for buying is that they believe in a thing and in its maker. The name of that kindly insurance is reputation. ~ Choose without fear that which the generality of men join you in approving. There is no higher incentive in human endeavor than the reward of reputation - and no greater responsibility than the responsibility which reputation compels all of us to assume. Out of that reward and out of that responsibility come the very best of which the heart and mind and soul of man are capable.

President, Packard Motor Car Company
Town & Country Magazine
December 15, 1922